Tuesday, 29 May 2012

summary statement

PPD in general has been extremely helpful. Although at times it has been very much evoked statements such as; 'I have so much work to do. Why do we have to do PPD as well?' and 'PPD? It's only 10 credits!', it has been a fantastic drive to motivate yourself to build up the beginnings of a professional profile as a designer. I'm glad that it kicked me up the arse and made me get a website and I'm glad that it had made me realise that working as a designer - or at least using that skills that I have learnt that are necessary for design - are a very real possibility in finding my way in my post-university life. I honestly look forward to developing my brand, building my portfolio more and getting work on my website. My one real problem is that I think it should be worth more on the degree due to its ability to push students to the next level.


Here is the portfolio that I am submitting for assessment:

my website

Here is my website as it stands. I've updated it a little. Since the last post. I used Cargo Collective to make it. I coded a little. But generally I find coding about as exciting Noam Chomsky's voice, so I'm happy to pay Cargo Collective for the privileges of editing a template.

some things i like

I made this web poster of things I like for the about page of my website. I suppose it's nice for people to know these things.

business cards

Here are my business cards. I am very irate at how slow my computer has been in loading this PDF. It's not even a big file.  I'm not even sure it's been worth it to be honest. Anyway, here are some pretentious photos that show off my business card. Inkjet printed onto 500gsm mount board.

Thursday, 26 April 2012

design strategies presentation (assessed)

Just completed my design strategies presentation. All presented. Felt like it went okay. I certainly feel a lot more comfortable presenting to people now. As long as I know what I'm saying. In parts I feel I could have been a tad more thorough. Particularly in relation to why I want to base myself in London. I would like to have mentioned a couple of things too that I didn't I would like to have mentioned my other creative interests and ambitions. Such as with making music with a band I'm in called Black Bear. I want this to kick off a bit more after uni. I also have other musical opportunities that I would like to push alongside working in design or a design related job. I'd like to try my hand at creative writing. I'm considering starting to write short stories as I've had some ideas but that's a distant achievement right now.

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

cv update

I took the time to update and more thoroughly design my CV. I used to to apply for a 6 month paid internship at Christie's art dealers and auction house in London.